HCG Diet: Doctor’s Office vs Home

Once you have decided you need the HCG therapy to help you lose your excess weight, the next question must be: where to buy the real HCG hormone — a weight loss clinic or from an online retailer?

Are online HCG retailers a good option for purchasing the HCG product?

There is nothing wrong with buying your HCG drops from a reputable weight loss clinic. In this instance, you are being encouraged to lose weight under the close supervision of a doctor, and for those with complicated medical issues, this is undoubtedly the best scenario. But for many dieters, buying HCG from an online retailer will be the cheaper option, and as long as you read the diet instructions carefully and stick to the diet rules, there is no reason why you would benefit from medical supervision.

HCG Quality Control

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online sites selling the HCG supplements. However, all are not equal when it comes to quality control, so you must make sure you only buy your HCG diet from a reputable site.

The quality of HCG will vary immensely between different retailers. Some HCG products are made from synthetically produced hormone; some products are derived from animal hormones. You can also buy HCG injections as well as HCG drops, so it makes sense to do your homework before paying out good money for an inferior HCG product.

Before purchasing the product online, check that the product you are considering is made within the United States and has a NDC number to identify it as “a drug intended for human use”. (more…)

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